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BACK TO THE LAND, installation KABK graduation show, 2013

Constantly we seem to be looking for solid ground underneath our feet. In almost everything we are trying to define a beginning and an end. We are convinced that we have a past, that there is a ‘history’. That there is a path we walk, and a place we come from. We think to know we live chronologically and that we somehow can trace and archive the time that has passed. We seem to think there is something as an objective reality to discover. And while we choose the archives we base our history on, these archives become our environment of the present. 

I’m part of generation photoalbum. The generation which seems to be convinced that in photographs our past can be found. But what if this causal set of mind is an equivalent of our western way of thinking? How to react on a world that maybe has no real beginning or an end? How to deal with the impossibility to give my own children a proper archive to base their past on? What shall I give them. What do I want to bring back to the land, back to our reality?  


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